Employment Support Contract (CAE)


Foster the employability of young jobseekers.


  • Young jobseekers less than 30 years of age and registered with ADEM for at least three months.
  • Employers who do not have the legal form of a commercial company (Government, municipalities, public institutions, associations or groups of non-profit persons) and who wish to provide practical and theoretical training to young jobseekers in order to increase their (re) integration into the labor market.


The employment support contract is concluded between the Employment Agency (ADEM) and the jobseeker.

The employer will appoint a mentor who will supervise the young person during the duration of the contract. They will jointly draw up a training plan.

Duration of the CAE contract: 12 months (40 h / week).with a maximum prolongation of 6 months.

The allowances are calculated on the basis of the social minimum wage (SSM) and are subject to social security and taxes:

  • 80% of unskilled SSM for young people under 18 years of age;
  • 100% of unskilled SSM for unskilled young people and young people with a certificate of technical and vocational aptitude or a final diploma of technician, technical or secondary high school;
  • 130% of SSM unskilled for young holders of a technician's certificate (BTS) or a university degree (bachelor's or master's)


The Luxembourg Employment Fund reimburses for the first 12 months, to employers other than the State:

  • 75% of the benefit received by the young jobseeker;
  • 100% of employers' expenses.

In the case of a prolongation, the Employment Fund will reimburse 50% of the compensation for the young jobseeker.

If the young jobseeker is hired on basis of a permanent employment contract after the completion of the employment support contract, the Employment Fund reimburses the employer for the 12 months following the date of hiring the employer's share of paid up social security contributions.

How to proceed

Please contact ADEM’s employer service.

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