Reimbursement of the additional leave for disabled employees

In accordance with Articles L.233-1 et seq. of the Labour Code, any employee recognised as a "disabled employee" by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is entitled to additional paid leave of six working days per year. The employer may be reimbursed for the daily allowance for this leave.

The employer is obliged to grant 6 days of additional paid leave per year to any disabled employee WHO REQUESTS IT!

The acquisition of additional leave is subject to the same acquisition regime as that of statutory leave. The number of days (maximum 6 days or 48 hours) is defined according to the date of hiring, the date of recognition of the disability, the employee's employment rate or the employee's departure. It must therefore be prorated.

The employer can download the document here

Once the year has ended or the contract has been completed, the document must be sent, duly signed and completed by both parties, in January of the following year to the postal address indicated at the bottom of the document.

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