Wage participation for people in professional redeployment

Coverage of certain expenses


An employer who hires a person in external professional redeployment or who proceeds with the internal professional redeployment of his or her employee, may benefit from a contribution to the cost of the employee's salary under the condition that the employee suffers a loss of performance at his new workplace.

In order to receive wage participation, a reduction in performance must first be established. It is based on the employee's reduced performance, the employer's efforts to maintain the job for the benefit of the redeployed employee, and the nature of the work to be performed.


The wage participation is available to:

  • Private sector companies,
  • Companies in the municipal sector,
  • Public institutions.


In order for the employer to claim this participation, it is necessary that:

  • The employee has an employment contract (fixed-term or permanent)
  • The employee has been declared fit for work by the competent occupational physician
  • The employer submits a complete application using the form provided for this purpose
  • In the case of an employee undergoing external professional redeployment, a declaration dated and signed by the employee. (As this is personal and medical information, only the employee can inform the employer of his or her status as a person undergoing professional reclassification. This document guarantees that the employee has voluntarily disclosed this information to the employer).

Upon receipt of the complete file, an appointment will be scheduled with an ADEM counsellor to conduct a MELBA study at the employee's workplace. The employee must be present at his or her workstation.

Afterwards, an assessment of the employee's residual capacities is established by ADEM’s occupational health physician. The employee should be released from work to attend the appointment with the ADEM occupational health physician..

Amount and duration

If there is a loss in the employee’s performance, the wage contribution is set in proportion to this.

The amount of the contribution may not exceed 75% of the salary paid by the employer to the employee, including the employer's share of social security contributions.

The participation is granted in principle for the entire duration of the employment contract until the day the employee concerned turns 65.

If no loss in the employee’s performance can be ascertained, the salary participation is not granted.

Please note!

Certain circumstances may have an impact on the amount and/or duration of the wage participation initially granted, e.g. a new development in the employee's aptitude affecting the observed loss of performance, a medical reassessment, a decision by the Joint Commission (withdrawal of the professional reclassification), an assumption of responsibility by the CNS in the event of incapacity for work, etc.

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