Work of public utility (TUP)


The aim of the public utility work assignment measure (since 1/1/2016) is to enable the jobseeker who are in external professional redeployment to remain active.

The externally reclassified jobseeker can be assigned to work for a public utility with a sponsor (the state, municipalities and municipal associations, public institutions and foundations).

Who is the measure aimed at?

  • Persons in external professional redeployment (RPE) - new law 2015
  • Persons in external redeployment (ER) - old law 2002


The duration of this assignment will be at least four months. It will end as soon as the jobseeker has found a job or, on the advice of the competent occupational physician, or, at the latest, when he or she loses the status as a person undergoing vocational rehabilitation.

The TUP may also be terminated on serious and convincing grounds at the request of the promoter or the beneficiary.

How to proceed

The promoter files an application for assignment to work in the public interest, which must contain a precise description of the nature of the work envisaged. The promoter must also assign a tutor who assists and supervises the jobseeker for the duration of the work.

This application for an assignment is analysed by ADEM’s Employers' Service who pre-selects potential candidates from among the registered jobseekers.

ADEM's occupational physician determines whether the selected candidates can be assigned to the utility work in question.

The details of the selected candidates are then forwarded to the promoter, who makes the selection who to assign to the work of public utility.

The decision on the assignment is taken by the Minister responsible for labour, on the advice of ADEM.

During the period of assignment to public utility works, the person remains available for the labour market. A dispensation from work will be granted by the promoter to allow him or her to be released from all obligations related to ADEM.


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