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The Employment Agency (ADEM) is the public employment service in Luxembourg.

Governed by Articles L. 621-1 et seq. of the Labour Code, ADEM is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy. The law of 18 January 2012 transformed the former Employment Administration into an Employment Agency.

As a reference partner on the Luxembourg labour market, the ADEM offers personalised and free services for jobseekers and employers.

ADEM's services are provided throughout the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More than 500 employees work in seven regional offices.

ADEM’s Contact Center allows jobseekers and employers to join the ADEM in an easy and quick manner. You will be put in touch with a telephone counsellor who will answer your questions and, if necessary, will refer you to the competent agent.

The ADEM can be contacted via two special numbers:

 For jobseekers:
 Tel.: (+352) 247-88888

 For employers:
 Tel.: (+352) 247-88000

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