EURES is a network of employment services established to support and encourage free movement for workers within the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is ruled by EU Regulation 2016/589.

EURES has a web portal providing workers with information on living and working conditions and employment opportunities in the various European countries. Employers can consult the CVs of published candidates.

EURES is also a network of almost 1,000 consultants who are in daily contact with job seekers and employers across Europe and who may be involved in recruiting projects on a relatively large scale.

In Luxembourg, the National Employment Agency (ADEM) is in charge of coordinating EURES in Luxembourg.

Our services:


Intermediation between cross-border job offers and demand;

  • Recruitment projects in and to other EU countries;
  • Information and advice for workers with a mobility project on job opportunities and the steps to be taken;
  • Organisation of recruitment days in Luxembourg and other EU countries;
  • Information and advice for European citizens who want to work in another EU country;


ADEM also participates in the EURES Grande Région partnership, which focuses more particularly on the Greater Region.


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