I am a jobseeker

Acces to the JobBoard

  • The access request will be done by your ADEM advisor.
  • After validation of the request, you will receive an email with your login details..
  • To activate your account, simply click on the link in the email.
  • When you access the JobBoard the first time, you will need to:
  • Accept the general conditions of use of the site
  • Change your password.

Your profile is published on JobBoard

  • Profiles of job seekers are automatically published on the JobBoard by ADEM.
  • We recommend the publication of your profile anonymously, i. e. your personal data such as name, gender, address,... do not appear on the JobBoard. It allows for employers to consult the profiles directly.

Submit your CV online

  • You can deposit your CV yourself in the JobBoard.
  • The JobBoard provides pseudonymous publication of your  profile to offer a fair access to employment. It is  up to you to ensure that the CV filed preserves your anonymity (see an example).  

Look for yourself among our job offers

  • The JobBoard allows you to search by yourself directly among job offers that are published anonymously.
  • If you are interested in an offer, use the "Candidature" (Application) option.
  • If the offer actually corresponds to your profile, ADEM advisers will put you in touch with the employer.

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