Training offered by ADEM

ADEM offers a wide range of training courses tailored to the needs of jobseekers. The training measures comprise language courses, coaching workshops and tailor-made vocational training.

In general, the vocational training is organised in close collaboration with employers and training institutes stemming from economic sectors that face concrete recruitment needs.

In order to broaden its existing training offer, ADEM has concluded partnerships with:

  • The Chamber of Commerce, which offers training for jobseekers at its Luxembourg House of Training;
  • The Chamber of Crafts & Trades, which offers training places to jobseekers and collaborates closely with ADEM's Career Guidance department (ADEM-OP) in the field of apprenticeship placement;

  • The Chamber of Employees which offers free evening courses jobseekers registered with ADEM;

  • The National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), which aims to improve the skills of young jobseekers. As part of their collaboration, ADEM and INAP launched a training programme for young people, hired under an Employment Support contract (contrat d’appui-emploi - CAE) within a ministry or government agency.

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