National labour college (EST)

As a post-graduate training institution, the National Labour College (EST) is responsible for providing, where appropriate in collaboration with other Luxembourg institutes, special training courses for employees and self-employed persons in the field of economics, taxation, social security and labour law.

The training is provided in evening classes, weekend classes, week courses and one-day courses.

Registration for classes is free. Training activities are accessible to all employees and self-employed persons. However, training courses organized in accordance with Articles L-415-10 and L-414-3 of the Labor law are reserved exclusively for staff delegates and equal opportunities officers of companies who are eligible for training leave.

The EST is also responsible for the training and proficiency testing for persons entrusted with the management of a temporary employment agency in accordance with Article 2 (3) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 14 December 1994 implementing the provisions of Article L-131-2 of the Labor law.

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