Appointments with ADEM and service delivery

From 11 January 2021, the following appointments will again be done in person in the premises of the different ADEM agencies:

  • Scheduled appointments ("convocation") with your personal ADEM counsellor
  • Appointments with the ADEM doctors
  • Mandatory presentation (after return from leave / illness / short break) and request for leave
  • Emergencies (after prior scheduling by e-mail or telephone) 

Please read the following information carefully:

Registration with ADEM:

Luxembourg residents who want to register with ADEM are kindly requested to fill in the online form available on the ADEM website. On the basis of the data entered, ADEM checks whether the person is entitled to unemployment benefit. If this is the case, ADEM contacts the persons by telephone in order to prepare the application for unemployment benefit.

Jobseekers not residing in Luxembourg should contact ADEM by phone at: +352 247 88888

Participation in information sessions / recruitment workshops 

Subject to certain exceptions, information sessions and recruitment workshops will be organized electronically. Participants will be contacted by ADEM.

Applications for financial aids 

To apply for other financial aid,  please use the application forms on ADEM's website (

Further questions:

If you need special certificates or have further questions, please contact the ADEM Contact Center:

  • 247 88888 (jobseekers)
  • 247 88000 (employer)
  • or by e-mail: - please state your name, first name and the national identification number which is indicated on your social security card

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