Unemployment remains stable at the end of the year

19,918 available resident jobseekers were registered with ADEM on 31 December 2020. Compared to December 2019, this represents an increase of 3,386 people or 20.5%. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, calculated by STATEC, stands at 6.4%. After a sudden increase in unemployment in March and April and a decline observed from May onwards, the unemployment rate has been around 6.3% to 6.4% since August.

In December 2020, 2,208 residents registered with the ADEM, a decrease of 43 people or 1.9% compared to December 2019. The increase in unemployment is explained above all by a drop in the number of people leaving ADEM towards the labour market rather than an increase in registrations. Over the whole of 2020, the registrations of resident jobseekers fell by 5% compared to 2019. At the same time, the number of closed files fell by 12%. Even if the closing of a file does not necessarily correspond to a resumption of employment, the correlation is very strong.

The number of resident jobseekers receiving full unemployment benefit increased by 1,788 or 22% over a year to 9,911. The number of beneficiaries of employment measurs is 3,878, which is below the level observed in December 2019 (-205 persons or -5%).

During the month of December 2020, employers declared 2,275 vacant positions to ADEM, which corresponds to a decrease of 1% compared to December 2019. On 31 December 2020, ADEM had 6,276 job vacancies in its database, a 1.9% decrease over one year. However, these figures conceal major sectoral disparities. Thus the evolution of vacant positions is positive in construction (+38%), health (+11%) or the financial sector (+7%), while the Horeca (-53%), trade (-26%) or transport and logistics (-15%) experienced an unfavorable evolution.

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