Recognition of diplomas

Diplomas, certificates, school reports and certificates from general secondary, technical secondary and vocational education establishments obtained abroad, can under certain conditions be recognised as equivalent.

The Department for the Recognition of Diplomas (Service de la reconnaissance des diplômes) will determine whether the candidate's level of studies, diplomas and/or professional qualifications are recognised as equivalent to the qualification required in Luxembourg in order to access:

  • certain liberal professions and professions in the commercial and craft sector;
  • healthcare profession;
  • and socio-educational professions (certified educator, carer).

For more information please consult the section "Applying for recognition of higher education qualifications, equivalence of diplomas and equivalence of professional qualifications" on the Luxembourg Citizens portal (


Recognizing a level of education, a diploma or a vocational qualification

Recognition of a foreign certificate or diploma is not automatic, but is decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you have recently arrived in the Grand Duchy and wish to apply for recognition of your level of education in order to continue your academic career in Luxembourg, you may contact the Department for the Recognition of Credentials of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training.

Read more about the different steps that are necessary for the recognition of educational levels and diplomas on the Luxembourg Portal for Citizens

Enrollment of a diploma in the register of titles

Enrollment in the register of higher education credentials entitles students to publicly bear a higher education qualification and attests the duration of the studies and the value of the diploma.


Accreditation of prior and experimential learning (VAE)

Any person, whatever the age, nationality, level of education or status may apply for accreditation of prior and experiential learning.

Certificates and diplomas obtained through accreditation enable their holders to justify the qualifications required to:

Find out more about the accreditation of prior training and experimental learning (VAE) in the respective section on the Business Portal (

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