Registering for social security as a self-employed

Self-employed persons are required to affiliate with the Joint Social Security Centre (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale - CCSS) which handles the data, registration of affiliations and collection of contributions for the different insurance funds. The CCSS acts as the point of contact for insured persons.

Persons concerned

Must be affiliated to social security as self-employed persons:

  • persons who, on their own account (in a personal name), are engaged in a professional activity within the jurisdiction:
            - of the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (artisans) ;
            - the Chamber of Commerce (commerçants et industriels) ou
            - de la Chambre d’Agriculture (agriculteurs).
  • self-employed providers ointellectual services who distinguish themselves in:
            - liberal professions subject to authorisation of establishment
              (architects and engineers, chartered accountants, surveyors,
               industrial property consultants, economic consultants, etc.);
            - liberal professions subject to other laws
              (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, reviewers, pharmacists, etc.) and
            - other professions not subject to authorisation.

These are the managers of commercial, craft, agricultural or intellectual companies (holders of the establishment permit) who are considered to be self-employed persons:

  The self-employed person (in his own name or in the name of an employee) personally pays social security contributions (employee and employer's share) in proportion to his gross professional income before taxes.

Terms and conditions

The affiliation of the self-employed intellectual worker shall be effected by means of a declaration of entry for self-employed persons addressed to the Joint Social Security Centre (JSSC).

For craftsmen, traders and industrialists, the affiliation is carried out when their authorization to set up a business is withdrawn from the CCSS.

 The non-resident self-employed person must, in addition to his affiliation with the CCSS, join the health insurance fund of his country of residence.


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