Recruitment of an employee having obtained a professional redeployment status

An employee who has received an external professional redeployment decision presents a work incapacity to perform the tasks related to their former position, but can prove to be a valuable new employee within your company.

  • You can apply for an income tax bonus.
  • If the new remuneration is lower than that before redeployment, the employee is entitled to a compensatory allowance:
    if he/she has been assigned to the new job by ADEM 
    and if the working time is equal to at least half the working time fixed in the contract in force before the decision of professional redeployment.
  • Upon a reasoned request and on the advice of the ADEM's occupational doctor, the joint committee may reduce the required working time to 25% of the time set in the contract in force before the professional redeployment.
  • You can, under certain conditions, benefit from a salary contribution.
  • A full or partial support for costs resulting from the adaptation of- and access to the workplace may be granted.

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