Third-country nationals

Third-country nationals who wish to reside and work in Luxembourg as employees require a residence permit, followed by a residence title allowing salaried employment.

The application for a residence permit must be submitted by the future employee. However, they can authorize a third party, such as the employer, to carry out the necessary procedures.

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Good to know

A third-country national hired as a highly qualified employee (European Blue Card) may, under certain conditions, benefit from a specific tax regime for expenses related to their settlement in Luxembourg.

Easier access to the job market for third-country nationals already present in Luxembourg.

In some cases, third-country nationals already living in Luxembourg are exempt from work permits:

  • Family members (spouse, partner, father, mother, etc.) Third-country nationals who have a 'family member' residence permit are authorised to work in Luxembourg. They therefore do not need to apply for a work permit in advance if they wish to work in an employed or self-employed capacity.. For more information, click here.

  • Beneficiaries of temporary protection (BPT) have unrestricted access to the job market in Luxembourg without the need for a specific authorisation, as long as their temporary protection certificate is valid.
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  • Beneficiaries of international protection (BPI) who have received a favorable final decision from the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on their application for international protection have the right to work in Luxembourg just like any other resident.
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  • Asylum seekers (DPI) (with the aim of obtaining refugee status or, failing that, the status granted by subsidiary protection) can, in certain well-defined cases, apply to take up temporary employment. This Temporary Employment Authorization (AOT) is valid for a single occupation and a specific employer.
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Working in Luxembourg as a third-country national and cross-border worker

  • Third-country nationals who legally reside in the territory of another European Union (EU) Member State or in an associated country (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland) and wish to be employed in Luxembourg without residing there, generally need to have a work permit before starting to work in Luxembourg.
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