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  1. Do you have professional experience in the psychosocial, educational, socio-educational, socio-medical or socio-familial area? Would you like to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities or limited work capacity in the regular job market?

  2. On 20th January 40 jobseekers received their certificates for successful participation in the "Words4Work" training course. This is an intensive French language course tailored to the language used in various professions.

  3. For the reimbursement of salary payments in the event of weather-related layoff, companies active in construction and civil engineering sector as well as in related skilled crafts segments must enclose the following documents to their claim declaration (déclaration de créance)....

  4. On 4 November 2019, 45 graduates who participated in the last three courses of the "Fit4Coding Jobs" training programme received their certificates by Isabelle Schlesser, Director of ADEM, and Brigitte Lepage, Managing Director of the NumericALL training institution, which organises this training. The award ceremony took place at the PWC premises.

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